All about that mint

I have been completely and utterly obsessed with mint lately!

If you didn’t see it on the weekend – I tried a new mint cocoa smoothie which I have been totally loving and have had it THREE times already since!
Today at the store I saw some peppermint patties and couldn’t resist those either. Yum, are they ever delicious.

And now, I can’t stop drinking peppermint tea!

I used to drink it all the time, but I’m slowly starting to wean myself off of (so much) coffee and have turned to peppermint as a healthy replacement. I forgot how good it was as a mid-day pick-me-up or after dinner.

It’s a great thing to be obsessing with lately as it has so many health benefits:

mint benefits


On the running note, this morning I took a day off of running and opted for some cross-training instead. I’m really trying not to push it and make the same mistake I did last year. Too many km’s in too short time = bad news (note the knee brace below)

pink workout

I also did a quick and sweaty little circuit workout after a 40 minute elliptical interval session. It was good. Difficult, but not too much to handle at 6 in the morning.

I’m looking forward to waking up tomorrow and getting a good 9-10 km run in, we will see how it feels and play it by ear!

Feelin’ Good Because it’s FRIDAY

Feelin good Friday!

Today is Friday (YAY)!

Typically, I’m having one of the best days of my week on Fridays for a multitude of reasons – it means it’s the weekend, sleeping in, longer running times, having the chance to see those who mean so much to me, late movie and wine nights, the list goes on!

This got me thinking about all of those little things in life that we tend to forget about but enjoy so much.

Today, I remind myself of some of the little things that I am thankful for:

My crazy/adorable/lovable dog, Tanner 

loves his walks!
loves his walks!

My family and friends and all their support

My body and it’s abilities

Early, quiet mornings

TEA – you should check out my insane tea collection 

‘Mellows by a bonfire

DIY art

Watching airplanes

Experiencing new cultures

Working with children

Snuggling up on a couch

Freshly painted nails

Walking on sand

Oh, I could go on and on about all the little things in life that I absolutely love to experience and have.

I’m interested in learning what little things YOU wake up and go to bed thankful for! Leave a comment and let me know 🙂