What I’m into now../Things I’m Loving Monday 7

I got the idea to post this segment from the wonderful Julie Flagan over at pbfingers.com. It’s a little survey type of blog which goes over some cute topics and is a fun read. It’s summing up the “things that I’m into” at this moment in my life based on the topics given. I’m also hoping you’ll participate and respond with your personal answers to the things you’re currently into! I would LOVE to hear it. It’s sort of similar to my regular weekly blog post of ‘Things I’m Loving’, so I thought I’d post it as a combo!

Celebrity on Instagram


–> hands down, Kaley Cucuo-Sweeting. I have a bit of a girl crush on her and that all I want is for her to be my best friend. She is an animal lover who posts a number of pictures of her adorable adoptive pets (which I love because I too adopted my Tanner!) and she posts hilarious – and REAL – things about her life. Think-late night McDonald’s trips and junk food. Yay! Turns out celebrities eat like real people! I’ve also always enjoyed the wonderful postings of Karena and Katrina from toneitup.

Friend on instagram


My wonderful and dearest friend, Lisa! She’s a fitness and health addict like myself, so she’s always posting her yummy recipes and workouts which keep me motivated and proud of her!



Personally, I’m not much of a cocktail gal. Typically in the summer I stick to Caesars, but now with the seasons changing and weather getting a littler chillier, I’d have to turn my preference over to a warmer drink- probably coffee and peppermint schnapps or baileys.

food indulgence


Cinnamon raisin bread is my absolute favourite.

Also peanut butter.

Also these chickpea brownies.

beauty products


This new benefit cheek and lip tint in dusty rose! I never thought I would like this product as much as I do, but it gives such a nice natural looking glow and stays all day.

way to wind down

(Or wind up?) My 6 am yoga class.

At night, I’ve been loving this new massage bed at my gym.. Sooo relaxing.

And also my usual scented candles I’m currently loving raspbaerry peach macaroon by Bath and Bodyworks


Piece of jewelery

pink necklace2

This pretty pink necklace! I love my statement necklaces and I brought this one out this weekend.


Kay guys, now it’s your turn to tell me the things you’re into for all of those topics!

Things I’m Loving Monday 5

I thought I’d firstly update you on the happenings of the rest of my weekend! Culture days happened at our local rec centre. The event ran 2-6 on Saturday and included some amazing performances and music originating from all parts of the world, including a lot of Native American dances and songs (as we are in Canada!) It was all great! There were also a number of appetizers and finger foods out and it was a free for all!

FREE FOOD? Im there.

Unfortunately the event called for no photography, so I wasn’t able to capture the event for you all to get a little glance. But trust me when I say it was good entertainment!

Saturday night called for a movie night in and Sunday was good enough weather to get a nice long hike/walk in with Tanner and a couple of my gal friends. It’s funny how just walking through nature is sooo stress relieving. It tends to make me feel as though my problems are a lot less problematic than what they are laid out to be in my head.

I also got a little shopping in and purchased some new fall boots!

You can check them out here

Oh oh oh, and I did a wicked abs routine on Sunday that you should all give a try as well:

I like to call it, FAB ABS

fall boots fababs

Now let me tell you about my Things I’m Loving this week

  • Tim Horton’s pumpkin spice tea

pumpkin spice

It’s baaaack! Every fall I get über excited about the fact that Timmie’s starts to carry this tea again. Needless to say, I went out and bought a package of it. It’ll probably be gone in a matter of a week so I know I’ll be stocking up before it runs out!

  • Homecoming and spirit

hoco 2012

I am sooo sad to have missed my McMaster University homecoming this year. I will always ‘bleed maroon’ and be a spirited alumni! Some of the best times of my life (thus far) were through out university.

  • Gone Girl

gone girl

I haven’t yet finished this book, but I’m about 3/4 the way through, and I got through that much in out 3 days… It is VERY good and captivating. I really wanted to read it before the movie comes out, I think it’s set to come out in North America this weekend, so time’s a tickin’!

  • All of my favourite Fall shows

big bang how-to-get-away-with-murder-poster forever poster

Where do I begin? Gotham, Forever. New Girl, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family and How to get Away with Murder have all started up and GOSH are they all ever good! I highly recommend giving all of these shows a watch, but forewarn you it maaaaay take up a lot of your free time! There’s also Grey’s Anatomy and The Voice (I’m a sucker for reality TV gah!) The list seems to be never ending!

  • Baked goods from friends

homemade banana oatmeal cookie

Yuuuuum! I happened to receive this yummy treat from my friend at work today this morning. It definitely set myself up for a happy day. It’s banana oatmeal chocolate chip! She knows the way to my heart.

What have you been loving this week? Any food/movie/book recommendations?!

Things I’m Loving Monday 3

Sooo last night was a quiet night in with some friends. It was a good Sunday night! We watched the comedy ‘Hit and Run’ with Bradley Cooper!


It was funny, but not as good as I was hoping. We also shared some popcorn yummy 🙂

Work has settled down (so far) this week. No crises of any sort at the schools I work at and we spent our lunch hour playing music and handing out Tim Horton’s smile cookies in the highschool foyer as a little kindness initiative! It was fun and great to see a lot of the kids happy who have been having a tough time!

Now to my Things I’m Loving segment..

  • cheecha puffs

These tasty guys are only 70 calories per 2 cups and gluten free! I saw them in my local grocery store and had to give them a try, so glad I did!

  • TABATA workouts!

For those of you unfamiliar with tabata, it’s like another version of Hight Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). You really get a lot of bang for your buck because you’re exerting crazy amounts of energy mixed with short breaks.
Prepare for a sweaty cardio session!

  • My new donezo office

new officeCheck itout! I’m loving the blue and yellow, it brings some light into my life on those dreary days.


Breaky was a quick and usual one… Into the blender went a banana, milk, greek yogurt, creamy peanut butter and a little chocolate syrup 🙂

pb  choco smoothiebottoms up!

I was pretty hungry later on and then snacked on an apple 🙂

Lunch time was also another super quick one because I had a lot to do at the schools and had a short lunch hour, so I went across the street to the grocery store and grabbed myself a premade chicken spring salad! Then I had some carrots and hummus on the side.


I didn’t make it to the gym this morning because for some reason I was soooo tired. It was one of those sleeps where you have super vivid dreams and when you wake up you’re majorly groggy! Know what I mean?
Needless to say as soon as the alarm went off I pressed snooze….

Which lead me to a 5 mile run after work with Tanner 🙂 So it ended up being okay because the weather today was unbelievable and sunny!

My tummy was grumbling when I got in and I made myself up a little plate of things that were in my fridge..

Pretty random but those snacks usually are the best.

random snackHummus, carrots, cheeyuh puffs, there’s some pickles in there… oh and 1 random BBQ chip?


Things I’m Loving Monday

Wrap up of my labour day weekend!

Last night I went over to a friend of mine, we had a bonfire with about 10 of us. It was a low-key event where we had some good BBQ (I had a delectable veggie burger and some homemade spinach dip with veggies) and drank a couple of beers by the fire. I’ll admit that I see alcohol as not being particularly the healthiest choice but just as we have all heard a million times before, anything in moderation is allowed. There is no sense going through life without indulging ever because that’s just plain silly. We need to be able to go out and live the life that makes us happy because that above anything else reflects our level of health.

This brings me to my topic today – my new blogging segment called “Things I’m loving Monday”!! What this post will be about is every week on Monday I will be going over any wonderful new (or old) products, foods, places, ANYTHING in general that I’ve been enjoying in my life and that has contributed to my health and happiness!

So for my first ‘things I’m loving Monday’, I already knew right away the items I wanted to share with you:

  • Let the good times roll facial cleanser, LUSH cosmetics

    let the good times roll

WOW. Amazing. When shopping in Edmonton this weekend, my sister and I went past LUSH cosmetics and I could not resist, I had to go in. I’ve been in need of a new face wash and so was hoping that I might find something there because I just love the face that their products are all organic and vegan, who wants to be scrubbing their body with a bunch of chemically unnatural products?? So, I told the wonderful woman working their my skin needs (I have combination skin, acne prone and sensitive) and right away she showed me this. Let me just tell you, not only does it feel wonderful on your face and make my skin look divine but the SMELL is to die for! It’s like cookie dough and cinnamon and sweetness altogether, I actually can’t wait to wash my face with it! I highly recommend this product!!

  • Friendly neighbours and fresh fish

Since moving into my new home, I’ve come to meet my new friendly neighbours. One in particular actually went out to our lake nearby and caught a fresh Walleye, filleted it and gave it to me for dinner tonight!! There’s nothing better than fresh fish – soooo good. I couldn’t thank him enough. It makes me have a really good feeling about this place!

  • Bonfires with the best company

Like I’ve said before, it’s so very important to have a well-rounded life in order to be your happiest and healthiest. This includes time put aside for the social aspect of your life and making sure you see your friensd and family. With the crazy week I had last week with moving into a new home and starting up work again, it was time that was much needed to relax and just appreciate some great company.

  • HYPEM.com

This website is the absolute best for some kick-butt workout tunes. You can also get an app which connects to your phone so that you can listen to the songs you “heart” anywhere!

  • My Book!!! “Change your brain, change your life”

This is a fun book that’s easy to read and thought provoking. If you have any interest in mental health, behaviour, illness, mind-body connection or are just looking for a good read then you’ll enjoy this. The book constructs a fascinating link between behaviour and health and I highly recommend to anyone who might have or work with a mental illness.

Question for you — Tell me something that contributed to your health and happiness this week!

Motivation Monday

“80 percent of success is showing up” – Woody Allen

This really applies to exercise. Most of the time it’s just getting out the door that is the biggest challenge.

if-can-dream-it-you-can-do-it motivation

I woke up this morning with zero motivation. To get out of bed, let alone wake up, get dressed and get out for a 20km run!!
Some days are just SO HARD to get yourself to do anything! We all experience it, but it’s important that we challenge this feeling with ways to push ourselves and motivate ourselves to get going.

Over the years, I have come up with my own methods of coping with this feeling and pushing through:

I literally talk to myself. I say “Okay, time to get up and get on with your day!”

– I just JUMP out of my bed as soon as my alarm comes on. Just don’t even let one thought enter your head, otherwise you’ll bog yourself down.

– I think of the delicious food that I will eat afterward (Sounds pretty ridiculous but it works fabulously for me, food is a major motivator hehe)

Think of the way exercising makes me feel during and afterward. It’s really quite liberating. And the natural ‘high’ it provides you with all day long is SO worth it, making me much more productive and friendly and all those great things. Similarly, thinking of the way that I feel when I DON’T workout is motivation enough. I always get that ‘yuck’ feeling when I skip a scheduled time for fitness.

Have fun!! Exercise should always be looked at as a fun activity that is for YOU. If you’re always dreading sweating, it’s going to make for a terrible workout. If running isn’t for you, find an activity that is. As long as you’re moving then it’s good for you! Or grab a buddy! Or even make an awesome playlist and dance your buns off!

Think of the fitness and health goals you have for yourself. For me, my ‘goal’ is to simply live a healthy lifestyle that makes me feel good and capable of doing all the things I want to do in life.

Make your fitness public. Share your goals with friends, brag about reaching your goals, or talk about it on a blog or using one of your fitness apps such as ‘MapMyFitness’. If you tell people thatyou’re going to do something, you’re much more likely to do it.

There’s so many ways to motivate yourself. Now that I have shared some of my favourite methods, I would love to hear what YOU do so perhaps I can borrow these methods for my future fitness endeavours!

Have a wonderful day 🙂