Inexpensive Date Ideas

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, some of you might be looking to the internet for some creative gifts and date ideas. One of my favourites happens to be giving your loved one a Date Jar.

You can fill it with so many cute personalized dates that fit your interests! I can’t even tell you how many times Colt and I have been at home on a weekend or after work and said to ourselves “What should we do? We’re bored!”

And with a date jar, there’s no negotiations or hassles in trying to figure out who decides what!

With this you may need some inexpensive date ideas as well… It helps when you don’t necessarily need to head out and spend a fortune on dinner! So let me offer to you some suggestions.

Happy Dating!

12 inexpensive date ideas

1. Have a theme night based around a specific country! It could be Brazil, France, Australia, Portugal, anywhere in the world and plan your dinner and dessert recipes according  to the country! Even play some music from the country while cooking and eating your creations.

2. With a $15 – $20 budget, split up for two hours and pick up fun little things you think the other person would love, like their favorite cupcake from a local cupcake shop, a new pair of boxers, etc. Exchange the goodie bags at the end of two hours!

3. Have a “game night” at home with just the two of you. Great games for two people include Scrabble, mancala and tons of card games.

4. There’s nothing ever wrong with a Netflex night, featuring popcorn and your favourite snacks!

5. Find a new trail to hike together – make sure to pack some snacks or even pick up lunch from a local shop beforehand!

6. Enjoy a fire together outside, including wine, and various campfire food – my favourite is obviously s’mores, but there’s also, spider weineys!

7. Build an indoor sheet fort together. This is soo fun and costs nothin’! It will bring you back to the good ol’ days of childhood. You could even share scary stories under there!

8. Have a vacation planning night. This is great because it gives you something to look forward to in the future, even if the funds for it might not be there right now.

9. Have a wine and cheese party! This is a favourite of mine because I am a huge fan of wine. Include various cheeses and some other creative appetizers you might not otherwise think to try!

10. Have an “ice cream for dinner” night! Either buy your favorite kind of ice cream at the grocery store (plus tons of toppings!) or visit a local hot spot.

11. Go to your local animal shelter or animal rescue committee and volunteer to help out with the animals together. This is a great one for those animal loving couples! And it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

12. Catch the sunrise (or sunset)! Even include a little picnic if weather permits.

Things I’m Loving Monday

Wrap up of my labour day weekend!

Last night I went over to a friend of mine, we had a bonfire with about 10 of us. It was a low-key event where we had some good BBQ (I had a delectable veggie burger and some homemade spinach dip with veggies) and drank a couple of beers by the fire. I’ll admit that I see alcohol as not being particularly the healthiest choice but just as we have all heard a million times before, anything in moderation is allowed. There is no sense going through life without indulging ever because that’s just plain silly. We need to be able to go out and live the life that makes us happy because that above anything else reflects our level of health.

This brings me to my topic today – my new blogging segment called “Things I’m loving Monday”!! What this post will be about is every week on Monday I will be going over any wonderful new (or old) products, foods, places, ANYTHING in general that I’ve been enjoying in my life and that has contributed to my health and happiness!

So for my first ‘things I’m loving Monday’, I already knew right away the items I wanted to share with you:

  • Let the good times roll facial cleanser, LUSH cosmetics

    let the good times roll

WOW. Amazing. When shopping in Edmonton this weekend, my sister and I went past LUSH cosmetics and I could not resist, I had to go in. I’ve been in need of a new face wash and so was hoping that I might find something there because I just love the face that their products are all organic and vegan, who wants to be scrubbing their body with a bunch of chemically unnatural products?? So, I told the wonderful woman working their my skin needs (I have combination skin, acne prone and sensitive) and right away she showed me this. Let me just tell you, not only does it feel wonderful on your face and make my skin look divine but the SMELL is to die for! It’s like cookie dough and cinnamon and sweetness altogether, I actually can’t wait to wash my face with it! I highly recommend this product!!

  • Friendly neighbours and fresh fish

Since moving into my new home, I’ve come to meet my new friendly neighbours. One in particular actually went out to our lake nearby and caught a fresh Walleye, filleted it and gave it to me for dinner tonight!! There’s nothing better than fresh fish – soooo good. I couldn’t thank him enough. It makes me have a really good feeling about this place!

  • Bonfires with the best company

Like I’ve said before, it’s so very important to have a well-rounded life in order to be your happiest and healthiest. This includes time put aside for the social aspect of your life and making sure you see your friensd and family. With the crazy week I had last week with moving into a new home and starting up work again, it was time that was much needed to relax and just appreciate some great company.


This website is the absolute best for some kick-butt workout tunes. You can also get an app which connects to your phone so that you can listen to the songs you “heart” anywhere!

  • My Book!!! “Change your brain, change your life”

This is a fun book that’s easy to read and thought provoking. If you have any interest in mental health, behaviour, illness, mind-body connection or are just looking for a good read then you’ll enjoy this. The book constructs a fascinating link between behaviour and health and I highly recommend to anyone who might have or work with a mental illness.

Question for you — Tell me something that contributed to your health and happiness this week!

Happy National Dog Day!!

Your dog won’t likely be able to read this article, so in lieu of this wonderful holiday, give your fur baby a great big hug and pat on the head (maybe even a yummy treat!) 

I can’t imagine my life today without my Tanner. He has helped me in my move across Canada, whenever I’ve felt a struggle, and honestly his presence of just being there makes my nights alone so much more bearable. I’ve also shared some of the most fun times of my life with this guy – hiking, boating, swimming, explorations, you name it! AND he can keep up, thanks to that shepherd mix in him! 

So any way that you can today, celebrate the glorious life of man and woman’s best friend! IMG_0362IMG_1175

he loves me I swear
he loves me I swear
Exploring beautiful Canada together!
Exploring beautiful Canada together!

Feelin’ Good Because it’s FRIDAY

Feelin good Friday!

Today is Friday (YAY)!

Typically, I’m having one of the best days of my week on Fridays for a multitude of reasons – it means it’s the weekend, sleeping in, longer running times, having the chance to see those who mean so much to me, late movie and wine nights, the list goes on!

This got me thinking about all of those little things in life that we tend to forget about but enjoy so much.

Today, I remind myself of some of the little things that I am thankful for:

My crazy/adorable/lovable dog, Tanner 

loves his walks!
loves his walks!

My family and friends and all their support

My body and it’s abilities

Early, quiet mornings

TEA – you should check out my insane tea collection 

‘Mellows by a bonfire

DIY art

Watching airplanes

Experiencing new cultures

Working with children

Snuggling up on a couch

Freshly painted nails

Walking on sand

Oh, I could go on and on about all the little things in life that I absolutely love to experience and have.

I’m interested in learning what little things YOU wake up and go to bed thankful for! Leave a comment and let me know 🙂