Saturdays call for new breakfast recipes!

Saturday’s are for smiles, sleeping in and simply great food!

I love to take my time on Saturday mornings and enjoy some slow and stress-free time (usually).
This morning after waking up and taking my pup for a nice little walk around the neighbourhood, I decided to take a crack at a new breakfast recipe!
Not going to lie, I have quite the sweet tooth and most often crave CARBS in the morning, so naturally I would choose a recipe that satisfied this need. Of course my breakfast choice is always still made sure to be a healthy one too! After all that is the most important factor!

looks delish!
looks delish!

So, today’s breakfast menu was:

Peanut butter & banana oatmeal, topped with walnuts, cranberries and cinnamon

SOOOO delicious! And so easy. It’s literally made with just those ingredients plopped all into a bowl and mixed up. But here’s exactly the method that I followed:


2 Tbsp PB2 powder (But of course you can use natural peanut butter as well)
1/2 banana
1/2 cup plain oats
1/3 cup of plain vanilla yogurt (to make everything mix together better)
1 Tbsp cranberries
2 Tbsp walnuts
dash of cinnamon (I like to use this ingredient LIBERALLY, and it’s amazing for your health!)


– Lay out all the ingredients needed
– Put half of your yogurt on the bottom, then 1/4 oats, 1/4 banana, 1 Tbsp PB2 into your bowl
– Put a second layer of the remaining amount of your ingredients in the same order – yogurt, 1/4 cup oats, 1/4 banana, 1 Tbsp PB2
– Mix it all up nice a good
– Top off the bowl with your walnuts, cranberries and cinnamon
– DIG IN and ENJOY 🙂

Tell me what you think of the recipe if you give it a try!

It’s especially a good breakfast for when you’re planning on hitting the road for a run later on or going to the gym because it’s giving your body those healthy carbohydrates it needs to energize yourself through the activity. I find that eating something like this beforehand makes a huge difference because it’s a lot more easily digestible compared to having a high protein breakfast (less cramps and indigestion!)

First *official* blog post! Getting started with your healthy life.


For me, health and fitness has been incorporated into my life ever since I can remember. My parents from the get-go had my sister and I out and about and thinking about healthy food, whether it was having us kick a soccer ball in the yard as toddlers, to teaching us how to keep our school lunches healthy.

However, this life simply isn’t put onto most people. Most of us have to go through atleast some sort of learning experience and life change to adjust to the reality that we need to take our lives into our own hands if we want to feel our best.

Once I was out of my parents home and in university, I had no one there to monitor my life and keep me on track. I was faced with residence cafeteria foods, binge drinking, a serious lack of sleep, let alone any time put aside to exercise. Needless to say, I gained the typical “freshman 15” and then some! So, I do know what it’s like to reach a point where you realize we must change SOMETHING in our lives and we can only do it for ourselves.

First of all, congratulations on wanting to get started on a healthy life!! Whatever the reason is – to lose weight, manage stress, improve self-esteem, to take control of your life, your family – this is the first and most important step in the entire process. If you do not want or care to make a lifestyle change, it simply will not happen. So, you have the momentum now to get going!

It is important to remember that this will not be some fad diet – not a no carb, no sugar, high protein, fasting experience, or any of those other crazes. This will be a LIFE change for you. This means that it is something that will continue throughout your whole life. I know, I know, this might sound totally koo koo to you right now, the thought of your life being different for the rest of your years, but trust me when I say it will be worth it!!! Imagine the life you want, where it doesn’t hurt to do house chores or go out with friends or to play with your children. Where you feel energized and happier all the time. Your self esteem will improve and thus your relationships improve. Not to mention, your weight will be in check, and you provide yourself with so much potential to improve every aspect of your life!

Now that you’ve decided to start living the healthy life, start off with thinking positive self-suggestions daily. This seriously helpme on my ‘blah’ days or where I am feeling unmotivated and sluggish. Some examples:

I am in control of my destiny and my life.

Only I can direct the pattern of my life – today I am choosing to be as healthy as I can.

I am fully capable of achieving the goals that I have set for myself.

I must take my healthy lifestyle one day at a time, one healthy choice at a time.

Everyday I am better, wise, more confident and more in control.

Health and fitness is truly FUN! Think of the way it makes you feel.

Remember- with persistence of these positive affirmations and suggestions, you will be more successful everyday! Soon, these affirmations will be a thing of the past and words that you don’t need to repeat to yourself at all because the healthy way has become your way of life.

Stay tuned on my blog for plenty of information that has helped me get through my greyest of days. As well as a boat load of information on healthy meals, activities, running, mental wellness, relationships and more! If there is anything specific that you ever have a question about, feel free to e-mail me or comment on my posts. =)