Food is so important for us as it fuels our lives!

Whether you are a runner, athlete, working towards a fitness goal or contently living life day by day, it is vital that the foods you choose to put into your body are ones that are filled with the essential nutrients and vitamins that it needs to not only function, but thrive everyday and leave you feeling amazing.

Yes I ate them all :)

I love to post about the foods I eat everyday and share exciting healthy meals with you.

Check out some of my eats by looking at my recipes category here.

looks delish!

Here are some good eats for my friends!


Nutty banana oatmeal
The best french toast
Protein peanut butter pumpkin smoothie
Protein pancakes


Skinny chicken parm pasta
Easy BBQ Chicken Thighs


Cookie dough dessert dip

Lightened up taco dip


Lemon baked salmon

Crock pot

Pulled chicken stew


Gooey chickpea brownies
Healthy apple crumble (for one!)
The best chocolate chip banana muffins you will ever have
Reeses Pieces Rice Krispies


Peppermint cocoa smoothie
PB Oatmeal Coconut Energy Bites

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