My Edmonton Trip

Hi everyone! It’s been a few days and I love to tell you all about my weekend in Edmonton Alberta!

I made the drive on Saturday morning, it’s only 2 hours away so not bad at all! Driving gives me some good thinking time as well:) I arrived at a good time and hit up west Edmonton mall in good time!


I gt some good shopping in at my favourite places – Lululemon, sephora, pink, Aritzia, bath and body works and various health Marts. Oh and any forget forever 21 and h&m, which are always total zoos!
I could not believe the amount of Christmas decor throughout the mall !!

I picked up some lunch from Opa! Greek cuisine.


An could not forget about getting my favourite pumpkin spice latte! My weakness.

The day was fooled by a drive over to my sisters house to spend the evening. We went on a walk in the neighbourhood and enjoyed the sunshine!





There was also a nearby doggy park, great for tanner!

At this point I could not find my phone and was unable to capture our thanksgiving evening!!! I know HOW UNLUCKY! But I’m certain you have all seen what the typical dinner looks like – delicious turkey, potatoes, vegetables and cranberry sauce followed by homemade pumpkin pie! Yum yum yum !

The next day I picked up my boyfriend from the airport! He’s finally made the move here and I no longer have to be living in my house alone 🙂

We went for a hike up to what’s called bear hill and enjoyed the lookout. We also wet and checked out slave lake. Colt (my boyfriend) had never been here before and absolutely loves it!




The day was followed by an amazing dinner that he prepared. Salmon, asparagus, mushrooms and potato twice baked! He has definitely upped his cooking game and I am thoroughly impressed 🙂

Overall an amazing weekend!

What I’m into now../Things I’m Loving Monday 7

I got the idea to post this segment from the wonderful Julie Flagan over at It’s a little survey type of blog which goes over some cute topics and is a fun read. It’s summing up the “things that I’m into” at this moment in my life based on the topics given. I’m also hoping you’ll participate and respond with your personal answers to the things you’re currently into! I would LOVE to hear it. It’s sort of similar to my regular weekly blog post of ‘Things I’m Loving’, so I thought I’d post it as a combo!

Celebrity on Instagram


–> hands down, Kaley Cucuo-Sweeting. I have a bit of a girl crush on her and that all I want is for her to be my best friend. She is an animal lover who posts a number of pictures of her adorable adoptive pets (which I love because I too adopted my Tanner!) and she posts hilarious – and REAL – things about her life. Think-late night McDonald’s trips and junk food. Yay! Turns out celebrities eat like real people! I’ve also always enjoyed the wonderful postings of Karena and Katrina from toneitup.

Friend on instagram


My wonderful and dearest friend, Lisa! She’s a fitness and health addict like myself, so she’s always posting her yummy recipes and workouts which keep me motivated and proud of her!



Personally, I’m not much of a cocktail gal. Typically in the summer I stick to Caesars, but now with the seasons changing and weather getting a littler chillier, I’d have to turn my preference over to a warmer drink- probably coffee and peppermint schnapps or baileys.

food indulgence


Cinnamon raisin bread is my absolute favourite.

Also peanut butter.

Also these chickpea brownies.

beauty products


This new benefit cheek and lip tint in dusty rose! I never thought I would like this product as much as I do, but it gives such a nice natural looking glow and stays all day.

way to wind down

(Or wind up?) My 6 am yoga class.

At night, I’ve been loving this new massage bed at my gym.. Sooo relaxing.

And also my usual scented candles I’m currently loving raspbaerry peach macaroon by Bath and Bodyworks


Piece of jewelery

pink necklace2

This pretty pink necklace! I love my statement necklaces and I brought this one out this weekend.


Kay guys, now it’s your turn to tell me the things you’re into for all of those topics!

Fitness Friday

Hello beautiful people!
It’s fitness Friday. So I thought I might share with you the tabata workout I did this morning which was excellent.


Tabata is a great way to switch it up when you’re stuck in a rut as I have been lately.

Side note – it’s my best friends birthday today!!!


Danielle has been the most supportive, funny and amazing friend to me for as long as I can remember. I actually could not imagine life without her!!! And although she is on the other side of canada (veryyyy far) I know I can call her any second any day and nothing will ever change !

And it’s time to start up my weekend! Next blog checkout a recipe for a delectable cauliflower crust pizza – ya! YUM!

Breakfast obsession

Saturday morning has arrived!

My morning routine thus far has consisted of a walk with tanner.


He was happy by the end of it, I’m sure you can tell 😊

Then came my favourite meal.. Breakfast time!! I’ve come to realize the reality of my obsession with breakfast… I know a lot of people have it as their favourite meal but I honestly think I could live off breakfast everyday every meal! It may have to do with the high carb contents of my breakfasts, but healthy complex carbs ofcourse! That’s what powers me through my days.

The combination of peanut butter and pumpkin might sound a little strange but I thought I would give it a try this morning, and I’m so glad I did!

I put 1/3 cup pumpkin purée, 1 tablespoon peanut butter, a little
Almond milk, stevia into a blender and blend until smooth.
Then in a bowl I combined 1/3 cup of quick oats with 1/3 cup of wheat puffs.
I poured the blend over the oats and puffs and topped with some nuts and voila!

Carbs carbs carbs I need carbs in the morning.

They make me happy and taste delicious 😍

This will give me the energy I need for my workout later on ( I’ll keep you updated on that!)

On a side note, I also tried making pumpkin spice and cinnamon roasted chickpeas yesterday! I recommend it, it’s very simple!

Just pop these suckers on a baking sheet in an oven at 375 for 30 minutes after sprinkling them with cinnamon and pumpkin spice 🙂

Have you noticed I’ve been pumpkin cray cray lately?
Can you blame me though?

Happy eatin’!

Feeling Cranky? It’s Time for a Snack

This is the explanation of my frequent ‘hangriness’ !!!!!
The past week I have been back at work (I have the summers off since I work in a school board), and since I’m kept so busy during the day, when my hunger strikes it is BRUTAL. I will admit that I can be a terror to be around when I’m very hungry because it’s literally all I seem to be able to think about!! Not to mention, it leaves me unproductive and tired.
I’m learning to pack some sorts of little snacks for during the day if times like these arise – my go to snacks as of now are trail mix, carrot sticks and mini cups of Greek yogurt.

How do YOU avoid the dreaded hangry mood?!?

Feelin’ Good Because it’s FRIDAY

Feelin good Friday!

Today is Friday (YAY)!

Typically, I’m having one of the best days of my week on Fridays for a multitude of reasons – it means it’s the weekend, sleeping in, longer running times, having the chance to see those who mean so much to me, late movie and wine nights, the list goes on!

This got me thinking about all of those little things in life that we tend to forget about but enjoy so much.

Today, I remind myself of some of the little things that I am thankful for:

My crazy/adorable/lovable dog, Tanner 

loves his walks!
loves his walks!

My family and friends and all their support

My body and it’s abilities

Early, quiet mornings

TEA – you should check out my insane tea collection 

‘Mellows by a bonfire

DIY art

Watching airplanes

Experiencing new cultures

Working with children

Snuggling up on a couch

Freshly painted nails

Walking on sand

Oh, I could go on and on about all the little things in life that I absolutely love to experience and have.

I’m interested in learning what little things YOU wake up and go to bed thankful for! Leave a comment and let me know 🙂

Throwback Thursday

Ontario, Canada!
Ontario, Canada!
Getting into Saskatchewan, Canada!
Getting into Saskatchewan, Canada!

Today I am reminiscing over the cross-country Canadian road trip that I recently experienced with my sister and pup, Tanner. It took us nearly 5 days but we saw some amazing sights! 

The trip itself put into perspective how HUGE this world really is and how small we really are as individuals. Seriously, it makes me think about all the little stresses and hardships I’ve gone through the past year and how they have seriously not been worth all the time consumed where I have been swept up by anxiety with them. Of course, a little worry and anxiety can actually be good for us and our health, but I’m talking about spending too much time consumed mentally the negative and taking away the time we should utilize to appreciate every little good thing that we have in our lives. As Canadians, Americans, whoever you are, we are fortunate to live in this world where we can wake up, EAT GOOD FOOD, spend time with friends and family, go for hikes and experience the outdoors, play fetch with our dogs.. the list goes on. We just need to practice remembering all of these little things. Whatever your method may be – use today to remind yourself of what you are appreciative of and of the things that make your world a beautiful and wonderful place to be. Write a list, use 5 minutes to meditate, call a close family member or friend, ANYTHING! Just r e m i n d yourself of what makes you happy. Because a happy you makes a healthy you, and a healthy you makes a happy you. They come hand in hand. And we all want to live a happy, healthy life, don’t we?

Jasper, Alberta, Canada!
Jasper, Alberta, Canada!

Food, the fuel of life.

food fuel

Food is the fuel of life!

Food, food, food. I love food! I love to go to the market and buy it, to cook it, to eat it, to share it with others and bring to special occasions. Food brings happiness into our lives and we need to focus on the positivity it brings to our selves and to others, rather than seeing it as a dreaded enemy which we must constantly monitor and control.
The food we consume over a day, a week, a month, creates and shapes the experiences that we will have during this time. By this I mean that you can choose to eat healthily and be full of energy, happiness and clear thoughts, or you could choose to eat processed, unnatural, chemically enhanced foods that do the complete opposite. These foods make you feel sad, sluggish and lazy. It takes many people a long time to learn and truly understand this food-body-mind connection, but it makes sense! If you eat garbage, you will feel like garbage. If you eat good healthy food, you will be fully of great energy.

Overall, food is the fuel of your life. And it is up to YOU to decide whether your nutrition is worth your attention and time. If you want to feel better, it will naturally become a priority. In my opinion, nutrition is an essential asset of health, and my health is everything to me. I remember in my highschool days, back when I would constantly grab the easiest meal, whether it be from McDonald’s or Wendy’s, or making a big ol’ box of KD with my friends. Afterwards I would feel soooo crummy. I got gassy, bloating, I had horrible acne and had terrible sleeps. It wasn’t until I altered my eating habits for the better and chose fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins that I noticed these problems go away. Now, I understand that I create the way I experience life based on my nutrition and how I choose to fuel my body. It transformed my life.

No matter where you are starting from on this continuing journey, the most important thing that you can do for yourself is to give your body the fuel it needs to feel good. And when you’re hungry, LISTEN to your hunger! But listen to it in a HEALTHY way!

First *official* blog post! Getting started with your healthy life.


For me, health and fitness has been incorporated into my life ever since I can remember. My parents from the get-go had my sister and I out and about and thinking about healthy food, whether it was having us kick a soccer ball in the yard as toddlers, to teaching us how to keep our school lunches healthy.

However, this life simply isn’t put onto most people. Most of us have to go through atleast some sort of learning experience and life change to adjust to the reality that we need to take our lives into our own hands if we want to feel our best.

Once I was out of my parents home and in university, I had no one there to monitor my life and keep me on track. I was faced with residence cafeteria foods, binge drinking, a serious lack of sleep, let alone any time put aside to exercise. Needless to say, I gained the typical “freshman 15” and then some! So, I do know what it’s like to reach a point where you realize we must change SOMETHING in our lives and we can only do it for ourselves.

First of all, congratulations on wanting to get started on a healthy life!! Whatever the reason is – to lose weight, manage stress, improve self-esteem, to take control of your life, your family – this is the first and most important step in the entire process. If you do not want or care to make a lifestyle change, it simply will not happen. So, you have the momentum now to get going!

It is important to remember that this will not be some fad diet – not a no carb, no sugar, high protein, fasting experience, or any of those other crazes. This will be a LIFE change for you. This means that it is something that will continue throughout your whole life. I know, I know, this might sound totally koo koo to you right now, the thought of your life being different for the rest of your years, but trust me when I say it will be worth it!!! Imagine the life you want, where it doesn’t hurt to do house chores or go out with friends or to play with your children. Where you feel energized and happier all the time. Your self esteem will improve and thus your relationships improve. Not to mention, your weight will be in check, and you provide yourself with so much potential to improve every aspect of your life!

Now that you’ve decided to start living the healthy life, start off with thinking positive self-suggestions daily. This seriously helpme on my ‘blah’ days or where I am feeling unmotivated and sluggish. Some examples:

I am in control of my destiny and my life.

Only I can direct the pattern of my life – today I am choosing to be as healthy as I can.

I am fully capable of achieving the goals that I have set for myself.

I must take my healthy lifestyle one day at a time, one healthy choice at a time.

Everyday I am better, wise, more confident and more in control.

Health and fitness is truly FUN! Think of the way it makes you feel.

Remember- with persistence of these positive affirmations and suggestions, you will be more successful everyday! Soon, these affirmations will be a thing of the past and words that you don’t need to repeat to yourself at all because the healthy way has become your way of life.

Stay tuned on my blog for plenty of information that has helped me get through my greyest of days. As well as a boat load of information on healthy meals, activities, running, mental wellness, relationships and more! If there is anything specific that you ever have a question about, feel free to e-mail me or comment on my posts. =)