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Welcome to Eat Run Snooze Repeat!

I’m Jamie! I am a wellness coach living in Alberta, Canada. I have a love for food, fitness, fun, and all the wonderful things about life!
I’ve had a life-long learning experience and have come to attain a lot of helpful information and knowledge through research, trial and error and help from co-workers and friends. I want nothing more than to share all of this great information about health and living that has changed my life, in hopes of reaching out and helping even ONE person change theirs for the better.

My life consists of early morning workouts, working with kids and students all day (which is fabulous since I’m 12 at heart), enjoying the company of my wonderful boyfriend, being a puppy mum, and throw a bunch of amazing friends in the mix! I love the sunshine, anything outdoorsy, wine – yes, wine, I cannot and will not give that one up – being a social butterfly, wanderlusting, and anything that will push me beyond my comfort zone.

Living a healthy life is living the most amazing life that you can dream of for you! Let’s start the journey together. šŸ™‚

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