Fitness Watch Comparisons

I need some serious assistance!

I’ve been looking into the benefits of wearing a fitness/health tracker for a while now. I know I have definitely reached the point where I want to purchase one because I’ve heard so many great reviews! I’m an avid runner and gym-goer, so I’m definitely looking to purchase a product which will track my steps, HR, and calories burned. I really would like it to have the ability to track my sleep as well so that I am able to link this all to my iPad or computer and look at the comparisons from day to day. I think this will definitely push me even further into the right direction with my fitness – any sort of added motivation to be healthy everyday is good with me!

I’m at a loss and can’t seem to decide exactly which fitness band/watch I want to purchase. It seems like there are sooo many on the market today!

The bands that I have been hearing the most about are: FitBit charge or flex, Polar, and nikefit band


What are your reviews if you have or have tried these watches? Any other kinds that I’m unaware of that you might recommend??

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  1. I’m just about to do a review for FitBit Flex. My main reason was to track my sleep, then steps etc. It doesn’t always track and I’ve had issues with it. I think if I were to get another one, I’d go up to the next level – FitBit Charge. I would like the option of the watch function so I don’t have to wear both. Having said that, it’s motivation to get your daily steps in.


  2. I have friends who use fit bits they have no complaints.
    I bought a fuel band on boxing day. It’s motivating to know you need a few more “nike fuel” to hit your goal. If your not a very active person it would be very helpful. If your an active runner It helps to push for that workout you may have skipped.

    Great battery life, 8 days or so. It’s based on how much you move your arms and the bumps of foot steps. Pedometer is pretty accurate vs other nike devices.


    1. I submitted early…last thought I still use my GPS watch for runs it’s not a good device if you actively track km. But tracking activity it’s great. Blue tooth is a bonus.


      1. Thanks for such a helpful response, Michael! The nike band sounds like it’s been good for you then. I’m definitely an active person and runner so I was looking to use something that can GPS and track my pace/steps that way. I’m guessing there’s not many other bands that do such things that you know of?


  3. I currently use a Fitbit flex to track steps and sleep. It is basic but does the job. I had a Nike fuelband- I went through 3 in a year and a half. It kept having issues and they kept replacing it. The last time it died I was done. I’ve noticed that the Fitbit can be off during the sleep portion- as long as you are still it has no idea if you are asleep or not.


    1. Hmm sounds like you had a lot of issues with the Nike fuelband. I’ll have to remember to check out warrantees when it comes time to purchase one of these as well. And yes, I was thinking before that the sleep tracking might be difficult to precisely track no matter what the make?
      Thanks for your help!!


  4. If you’re into multi sports, like I am, then the Garmin 920XT is the way to go. It tracks steps, calories burned, Miles on runs with pace, cadence, etc. if you wear the heart rate monitor, it gives you zone workout info, and a more accurate caloric burn. I have attachments on my bike that go to the 920 that tell speed and cadence As well as VO2 Max. In swimming, you tell it if it is indoor or outdoor (also for run and bike) and pool length, and it counts laps, speed, stroke rate, and SWOLF. It also detects movement in bed so you know if your tossing and turning. It is more expensive ($450 w/o HR monitor) but it’s an invaluable tool in my training. Hope this helps.


    1. Travis thank you so much! I truthfully never heard of the Garmin 920XT before, but it’s capabilities sound spot on with what I am looking for in a fitness watch. I too am into a whole range of sports and activities so this would likely be the best suited for me in accurately detecting my movement and efforts! I’ll be looking more into this tonight, thank you 🙂

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      1. I got mine when I decided to train for an Olympic distance triathlon. I always lose track of laps in the pool. Now, I start the 920 and swim. When it’s time for a quick rest, I hit the back button and the split screen shows my the last distance, the time it took, and the rest time. I hit the back button again when I’m ready to swim again. It also will track a triathlon.

        They sell one with a HR monitor, approx. $500 total.

        The add-ons to the bike were $40 and you can get them from Garmin or Very easy to install. It syncs via Bluetooth to the Garmin connect app on your phone (free) which loads it to the Garmin connect website. It also has wifi capability, and if the app is open when you run, you can receive texts on your watch (but you cannot respond). I hope you find what you’re looking for, let me know what you think of the 920.


  5. Have you looked into Suunto? It’s a Swedish watch with variety of models. I currently use Ambit and its associated heart rate monitor to track my heart rate. The watch also has a built in GPS and you can track your movement via your phone app. The app is great as it offers you chart, EPOC, your heart rate and calories burned in a detailed chart. The heart rate is measure by wrapping a chest band around your chest, giving it a best read on your heart. Give it a look. Different price models are available as well. I think I need to work as a Suunto rep!

    As for other fitness watch, I don’t find them helpful because the GPS is not as accurate as Suunto and the heart rate monitor is just a gimmick since it offers so scientific way to properly measure your pulse (other than putting in on a wrist). Hope that helps.


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