Jamie Eason week 5

I’m stopping in to update you all on my progress in the Jamie Eason program!

By the end of week 4. The program was getting a little dull to be honest. It starts to seem a little easy (which is also normal with progression) so I was happy to look over week 5 in advance and see some changes in the strength and weights regime.

Day 29 consisted of 45 minute cardio and a shoulder workout:


Today’s workout bright and early this morning was 15 minute elliptical, followed by a chest and abs workout, finished off with another 15 minutes cardio:


This mornings workout seemed to be excruciating!! I was sooo tired and really had to push myself to finish.
Maybe it had to do with watching THE CONJURING last night, terrifying horror flick!

One thought on “Jamie Eason week 5

  1. I ❤ supersets! I always try to incorporate a little bit of HIIT into my weight routine if I find it isn't challenging enough.


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