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I had a few people message me and ask me what my go-to items at the grocery store are. Typically, I use my Sundays as grocery shopping days to limit the number of times that I need to go during the week to grab all those little things that I might run out of or forget!

So, I wanted to share with you a list of items that I am gravitated towards when grocery shopping. Ofcourse this is a fairly big list, and my trips every week do not consist of purchasing EVERY item on this list, but I will rarely stray away from the items listed.

Quick tip: stick to the perimeters of grocery stores as much as possible! This is where all the freshest and most raw foods are. As soon as you start heading down the aisles, the food items become more processed and unnatural.

go to grocery list

Yes, wow, there’s definitely a lot of items on this list, but the idea is to choose the things you like from it and stick with only the foods that you see!!

MY favourites of the bunch (the ones I find myself purchasing most often) are sweet potatoes, oats, alllll fruit but mainly bananas and apples and berries, allllllllll vegetables but mainly carrots, celery and broccoli, lettuce and spinach, yogurt, eggs, salmon and chicken. OH and peanut butter!! I go through that stuff very fast. (oh naturale, ofcourse).


My workout of the day was a chest and tricep day in the Jamie Eason program. I’m on week 2 now, hoorah! I’m still finding it great and I’m honestly noticing a difference in my body. I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without incorporating this amount of strength and weight training into my regime. I love love love it and feel stronger already!

chest and tripink workout

This is so random, but I follow Ipsy on Instagram and also wanted to show you their post with you:

treat yo self

I lol’d! And needless to say, I double tapped! I treat myself to the max. What’s a life without great food indulgences!

5 thoughts on “Go to grocery list

  1. Great list! Also, what knee brace do you use? I’ve been having issues with my knee from box jumps and running, and think it would help to have a brace… would you recommend the one you use?


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