Feeling Cranky? It’s Time for a Snack

This is the explanation of my frequent ‘hangriness’ !!!!!
The past week I have been back at work (I have the summers off since I work in a school board), and since I’m kept so busy during the day, when my hunger strikes it is BRUTAL. I will admit that I can be a terror to be around when I’m very hungry because it’s literally all I seem to be able to think about!! Not to mention, it leaves me unproductive and tired.
I’m learning to pack some sorts of little snacks for during the day if times like these arise – my go to snacks as of now are trail mix, carrot sticks and mini cups of Greek yogurt.

How do YOU avoid the dreaded hangry mood?!?

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If you’ve ever blamed a bad mood on low blood sugar, you’re onto something—being “hangry” (hungry and angry) is a real thing.

Researchers from The Ohio State University and the University of Kentucky put it to the test with married couples, measuring their blood glucose levels daily for 21 days and having them secretly stick pins in a voodoo doll of their spouse each evening (up to 51 pins at a time, depending on how peeved they felt). Those whose glucose levels ranked in the bottom 25% stabbed more than twice as many pins into their “spouse doll” as those in the top 25%.

At the end of the 21 days, the couples came into the lab to play a computer game against each other in separate rooms. The winners could blare an unpleasant noise at their partners, as loudly and for as long as they…

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