Happy National Dog Day!!

Your dog won’t likely be able to read this article, so in lieu of this wonderful holiday, give your fur baby a great big hug and pat on the head (maybe even a yummy treat!) 

I can’t imagine my life today without my Tanner. He has helped me in my move across Canada, whenever I’ve felt a struggle, and honestly his presence of just being there makes my nights alone so much more bearable. I’ve also shared some of the most fun times of my life with this guy – hiking, boating, swimming, explorations, you name it! AND he can keep up, thanks to that shepherd mix in him! 

So any way that you can today, celebrate the glorious life of man and woman’s best friend! IMG_0362IMG_1175

he loves me I swear
he loves me I swear
Exploring beautiful Canada together!
Exploring beautiful Canada together!

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