Motivation Monday

“80 percent of success is showing up” – Woody Allen

This really applies to exercise. Most of the time it’s just getting out the door that is the biggest challenge.

if-can-dream-it-you-can-do-it motivation

I woke up this morning with zero motivation. To get out of bed, let alone wake up, get dressed and get out for a 20km run!!
Some days are just SO HARD to get yourself to do anything! We all experience it, but it’s important that we challenge this feeling with ways to push ourselves and motivate ourselves to get going.

Over the years, I have come up with my own methods of coping with this feeling and pushing through:

I literally talk to myself. I say “Okay, time to get up and get on with your day!”

– I just JUMP out of my bed as soon as my alarm comes on. Just don’t even let one thought enter your head, otherwise you’ll bog yourself down.

– I think of the delicious food that I will eat afterward (Sounds pretty ridiculous but it works fabulously for me, food is a major motivator hehe)

Think of the way exercising makes me feel during and afterward. It’s really quite liberating. And the natural ‘high’ it provides you with all day long is SO worth it, making me much more productive and friendly and all those great things. Similarly, thinking of the way that I feel when I DON’T workout is motivation enough. I always get that ‘yuck’ feeling when I skip a scheduled time for fitness.

Have fun!! Exercise should always be looked at as a fun activity that is for YOU. If you’re always dreading sweating, it’s going to make for a terrible workout. If running isn’t for you, find an activity that is. As long as you’re moving then it’s good for you! Or grab a buddy! Or even make an awesome playlist and dance your buns off!

Think of the fitness and health goals you have for yourself. For me, my ‘goal’ is to simply live a healthy lifestyle that makes me feel good and capable of doing all the things I want to do in life.

Make your fitness public. Share your goals with friends, brag about reaching your goals, or talk about it on a blog or using one of your fitness apps such as ‘MapMyFitness’. If you tell people thatyou’re going to do something, you’re much more likely to do it.

There’s so many ways to motivate yourself. Now that I have shared some of my favourite methods, I would love to hear what YOU do so perhaps I can borrow these methods for my future fitness endeavours!

Have a wonderful day 🙂

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