Friday Fartlek Run

Hello, good morning, afternoon! Whatever it may be for you.

I hope you are enjoying your wonderous day as much as i am. This morning I got out for a good run. I actually just recently moved back to Alberta, Canada, to a little town called Slave Lake. It’s a quaint place with a provincial park right near the water. 

I forgot how much I had been craving a good outdoorsy trail run. This is definitely the town to do something like that! It also reminded me of how much I missed this place. The people are so friendly, the environment is clean and green and beautiful, it’s such a more relaxed lifestyle than my usual fast-paced living in the Greater Toronto Area. 

I even stopped to take a few pictures along the way during my run. To really stop and appreciate my surroundings. It really is such a great method of stress relief and meditation for my mind.


Slave Lake!
Slave Lake!
A beautiful provincial park
A beautiful provincial park


I love to explore nature!
I love to explore nature!

For those of you who might not know the ‘technical’ terms in running, a fartlek run is another word for ‘speed play’. Think of doing intervals through out your run, but put into it almost at random so shock your body.

These runs always kick my butt. But they are necessary in training to make me stronger and faster. HELLO PR! 

This particular run, I ran about 15 minutes at an easy pace at which I would be able to hold a conversation. Next, I did 30 seconds of sprints followed by a minute of easy pace. I repeated this about 5 times. I then continued at my comfortable pace and then finished off the last 2 km’s with my 5 km race pace (a faster but not deathly speed).

It’s safe to say by the end of this run I was TIRED and felt soooo awesome! I honestly love the feeling of exertion and knowing I worked damned hard to improve my body and give it what it needs. 

Well, enjoy the rest of your day! Perhaps I’ll connect with you later on 🙂 

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