5 Things You Should Never Say (or Do) to a Little Person

We are all different. We are all individuals. We are all special in our own way. Let’s put less negativity on these differences and embrace our abilities to be unique.

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Everyone seems to be fascinated by dwarfism, the condition that results in short stature. Case in point: the reality shows Little People, Big World (which follows the Roloff family on TLC), The Little Couple (another TLC show that follows a couple with dwarfism), and Little Women: LA (a Lifetime docu-series about six women with dwarfism living in Los Angeles).

Thanks to one man, now anyone can see how hurtful, rude, and just plain annoying that fascination can be for people who actually have this condition. Using a hidden camera, 22-year-old Jonathan Novick recently taped his encounters on an average day in New York City, and uploaded his documentary “Don’t Look Down on Me” to YouTube.

With more than 1.6 million views, the video has attracted attention—and for good reason. In just one day, Novick caught several people snapping cellphone photos of him, and recorded even more people making rude and insensitive…

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