Throwback Thursday

Ontario, Canada!
Ontario, Canada!
Getting into Saskatchewan, Canada!
Getting into Saskatchewan, Canada!

Today I am reminiscing over the cross-country Canadian road trip that I recently experienced with my sister and pup, Tanner. It took us nearly 5 days but we saw some amazing sights! 

The trip itself put into perspective how HUGE this world really is and how small we really are as individuals. Seriously, it makes me think about all the little stresses and hardships I’ve gone through the past year and how they have seriously not been worth all the time consumed where I have been swept up by anxiety with them. Of course, a little worry and anxiety can actually be good for us and our health, but I’m talking about spending too much time consumed mentally the negative and taking away the time we should utilize to appreciate every little good thing that we have in our lives. As Canadians, Americans, whoever you are, we are fortunate to live in this world where we can wake up, EAT GOOD FOOD, spend time with friends and family, go for hikes and experience the outdoors, play fetch with our dogs.. the list goes on. We just need to practice remembering all of these little things. Whatever your method may be – use today to remind yourself of what you are appreciative of and of the things that make your world a beautiful and wonderful place to be. Write a list, use 5 minutes to meditate, call a close family member or friend, ANYTHING! Just r e m i n d yourself of what makes you happy. Because a happy you makes a healthy you, and a healthy you makes a happy you. They come hand in hand. And we all want to live a happy, healthy life, don’t we?

Jasper, Alberta, Canada!
Jasper, Alberta, Canada!

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